ART & LIFE. Искусство и Жизнь
Art and Life. Taissiya Teperikova
Taissiya Teperikova—the image of creative person of today
Taissiya is the embodiment of a modern determined person. She was born in Kapshagay, today Qonaev (Kazakhstan), and since childhood, was easily absorbed in creative activities. Taissiya could spend much time by herself contemplating the world around her, admiring the boundless and pristine steppe expanses, tenaciously observing the vast palette of colours, the alternation of summer and winter, which she subsequently transferred to canvas.
Step by step, Taissiya moved towards her cherished dream—to create beauty with her own hands, to transfer creative ideas to canvas.
In 2001, she took part in the 11th Kanagawa Biennial World Children's Art Exhibition in Japan, where she received a bronze medal. This became the basis for her admission to the art school of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts named after T.K. Zhurgenov.
After graduating from art school, in 2004 she was admitted to the Fashion Design department of the college of the Kazakh National Academy of Arts—to become an artist and a professor of fine arts.
Taissiya started her career working as a fashion designer for leading Kazakh brands. Later she returned to her hometown, where she started teaching at an art school and creating classical genre paintings. Taissiya has always been keen to study new trends in arts, and soon mastered a graphics tablet.
"In my digital works, I try to imitate the strokes and texture of oil, as in traditional painting. I create female images surrounded by animals, flowers, and birds to share my love of the world around me, mixing images of people, animals, and scenery. Everything that surrounds me is my source of inspiration," says the artist.
Painting on a graphics tablet made it possible to combine traditional and digital arts, and to convey the feelings of love and unity of human and nature through digital language. "One of the main ideas behind my works is that human and animals share common purity, sincerity, and beauty. They can live harmoniously together, create, and believe in the triumph of peace and harmony," explains the artist.
The founder of the Art studio Creative project and a head teacher in the studio for children and adults, Taissiya keeps developing her creativity and refining her skills and has already become a winner and a runner-up of various international, all-Russian, and regional competitions. Recently, she became a member of the Creative Modern Artists Association, and the Eurasian Art Union. Taissiya has a bunch of creative plans.
She wants to create and refine a new kind of art, combing modern digital technologies and traditional painting techniques.
Her bright artworks are filled with light and human warmth.
They captivate your attention making you contemplate eternity and thoroughly explore every detail conveying the meaning attached to it by the artist. A painting is the brainchild of an artist, and if it makes us better and touches the most delicate strings of the human soul, it means that the artist achieved his goal and fulfilled his mission dictated from above. Taissiya Teperikova succeeds in this, like no one else.
Fantasy, fairy tale, pristine nature, and images of human and animals are put on the same level of human perception. Get acquainted with the artist's works, which undoubtedly will leave an imprint in your heart and make you spread joy, light, and kindness.