Irina Kotova (March 8, 1979) was born in Zagorsk, today Sergiev Posad (Moscow Region), in a city famous for its cultural and architectural values since ancient times.
The walls of the Trinity Lavra of St. Sergius, the main attraction of the city, which has always attracted the attention of many tourists, are thoroughly permeated with the spirit of the history of Ancient Russia and modern Russia. The works of Andrei Rublev and Daniil Cherny, located on the territory of the Lavra, for many centuries enriched and strengthened the faith of everyone who came under the vaults of the holy temples.
From early childhood, carried away by the paintings of the great master painters, Irina also began to draw. While still in elementary school, she visits the art studio at the Central House of Young Creativity. Irina, who has repeatedly exhibited at city exhibitions, successfully participates in the competition of drawings on asphalt called "For Peace in the World".
In 1989, the young artist entered an art school, where she began to master the basics of fine art under the guidance of experienced teachers. It was during these years that light "pencil" sketches of the prospects for her future creative growth and success appeared, and the final definition of life priorities took place.
In 1994, Irina entered the Abramtsevo College of Art and Industry named after V.M. Vasnetsov at the Department of Artistic Ceramics. The Abramtsevo estate, where the college is located, is situated in a fabulously picturesque place. For a long time, the atmosphere of the natural outskirts has been conducive to the development of creative people; it was here that such famous masters as Vasnetsov, Vrubel, Serov worked.
In 1997, Irina was engaged in a private art studio under the direction of A.V. Velichko and took part in the Autumn Marathon exhibition. Also during this period, her works were exhibited in the Semkhoz youth club, and she also had a personal exhibition in the business center of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation (JV ART GALLERY "Exclusive-atrium"). Stories about Irina, as a young talented artist, were broadcast on the local TV channel and the ORT TV channel.
In 2001, Irina entered the St. Petersburg State Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture named after I.E. Repin, at the Faculty of Painting.
A new stage began - many years of work within the walls of the Academy of Arts. During this time, the student's educational work was repeatedly noted by the State Attestation Commission of the Faculty of Painting.
Since 2003, Irina continued her work at the theater workshop under the direction of E.S. Kochergin, and soon, already in 2006, she became the winner of the St. Petersburg grant competition in the "scenography" nomination. In the same year, by decision of the Presidium of the Academy, she was awarded a gold medal for academic excellence.
Irina chose the opera The Blue Bird by Maurice Maeterlinck to the music of Ilya Sats as her graduation work. She presented sketches of scenery and costumes for the opera and scenery models. The diploma work was praised by the Attestation Commission of the Faculty of Painting.
After graduation, the young, but already established artist returned to Moscow and continued her independent creative activity. She takes part in the largest Russian exhibitions and expositions abroad.
To date, Irina's works are in private collections in France, Germany, USA, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong and Russia.