Radi Mikhailovich

Verba Art Encyclopedia of Contemporary Art presents the artist Radi Mikhailovich.

Born in 1964 in Sverdlovsk. Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, scientist. He started painting in 1991, and it was then when he created his first works. Radi wanted to express what was impossible to describe by logical reasoning and scientific terms.
In 1999, Radi Mikhailovich had his first exhibition. The first sales of his artworks inspired the artist. Since then, his exhibitions became regular. Radi Mikhailovich's works have been exhibited in Russia, the USA, Sweden, and Germany.
In the past years, Radi Mikhailovich tried various painting styles and techniques—from decorative and abstract painting to computer graphics; he tried to express the unconscious, decipher the symbols and signs surrounding us; explore the inexplicable by pictorial means. Radi frequently turned to the same themes, so some paintings, connected by a single idea, are combined in a series.
For the artist, the semantic load of the painting is equally important as the technical part. Many abstract artworks are accompanied by detailed descriptions with philosophical overtones. This complements and expands the pictorial component of Mikhailovich's artworks.
Today, 30 years later, Radi Mikhailovich is still intrigued by the world of symbols, signs, and everything that is difficult to put into any form.

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